Meditation Practice

I get asked a lot about what I use to meditate. I follow Boho Beautiful and use their youtube videos for meditation, yoga and pilates. Their story is inspirational, so I not only love their yoga and meditation practices, but I respect their ethics and convictions as well.

Where do I start?

Find a quiet space. I like to diffuse an essential oil like Frankinsence. Go to one of the guided mediations (they are all amazing).

Some of my favorite videos for meditation:

Meditation video for beginners (how I started)

Meditation video for gratitude

Meditation video for acceptance in the present moment

Meditation video for healing

A note from me…

Meditation has become a sacred, daily practice for me. It is only in the quiet, still and empty that we are able to listen to what our heart and the Divine are speaking. As with everything, this practice takes patience. Don’t expect for it to click right away. Just keep showing up and keep surrendering to the still, small voice.

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