Clean Eating

Thanks to years of stress I developed IBS, digestion issues, acid reflux and all kinds of food allergies. I had to simplify my eating and my body thanked me. BUT, I’m not strict about it. I learned that if you don’t eat food you love, you will become pretty grumpy (at least that was the case for me trying to live without chocolate!). As with everything, there’s always flexibility. I am currently using the Splendid Spoon meal plan for breakfast and lunch to keep my body clean and healthy. What I love about it, is that it’s vegan, clean and gluten-free. It’s been AMAZING (Grab a 25$ off coupon here).

Foods I try to avoid:



Processed food

What I fill my day with:

Pro-biotics (high potency like Life 9, tremendously helps with bloating!)

Natural sugars (like fruits, agave, stevia, honey)

Loads of protein (fish, beans, legumes, lentils)

Lots of greens (I take green supplements like Multi Green Capsules)

Limit the carbs (they only turn into sugar. Those darn things)

Dark chocolate


Healthy no-fuss Banana Bread

Check back – more recipes coming soon!

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