Anna Dimmel

Hi there! Thanks for browsing my little space. So, here’s my story: after 10 years of church ministry, pastoring and a divorce, I decided to venture into the wilderness to discover my own path. I left every institution that previously held me and set out for the wild.

What I stumbled onto was a deep connection with Spirit, a love of history, and a fascination with how religion interacts with culture. My work centers on advocating for equality and accountability inside of Western Christianity. My writing pertains to ending racism, the inclusion of the LGBTQ community, equal rights for women, and creating safety from abuse.

In my articles, podcasts, and written works you can expect an honest peek into my journey coupled with America’s precarious past with religion and how it pertains to Christian culture today.

In addition to being a writer and history nerd, I’m a mom to four brave kids who are my greatest teachers. My happiest places are cozied up with blankets, the ocean, and being at home with my kids.

If you also share a story of being hurt by church or religion, I’d love to connect. Send me an email or visit me on Instagram.

Grace and peace,


Anna is a Religion and Culture student at Arizona State. She is the author of Meditations for the Awakened Christian and resides in Kansas with her partner, four children, and two fur babies.

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