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The gospel of Trump – it isn’t working


Like many Americans, I’ve watched this politically charged season on the edge of my seat. I’m not one to speak out much on politics. I make my voice heard in the polls, but outside of that I tend to stay pretty quiet.

However, in the world of social media, no matter how much you try to avoid the political tension, you can’t.

It screams.


You scroll through social media and see posts on: women’s rights, immigration issues, health care, LGBTQ equality, etc.

And people are MAD.


Now before you decide where I’m headed with this post, let me just say, this is not a commentary on my personal stances on these issues. Although at some point I will most likely speak out, for now, this is simply a response to the noise – to all the fighting, the name calling and the division.

People who support Trump have a right to speak out. Those who do not support him have a right to speak out too. But, what is so hard to watch is the way it is being done.

Especially by those who claim God is on their side…

Now, if you’re reading this and are sharply convinced God is on your side because, the Bible says so! Just hold on a minute. Hang with me.

The Bible says lots of things.


I’m all about reading and reflecting on scripture. It’s wonderful. But, when it’s used to promote/push political views, it morphs into something it wasn’t intended to be. Currently its taken on the shape of something I like to call the gospel of Trump.

Here’s what I mean:

(Someone posts or says something negative about Trump)

People respond with answers like:

“Instead of picking him apart, shouldn’t we be praying for him?” Meaning, they can say their positive opinions of him, but no one else can say their negative opinions against him.

Or, “wouldn’t Jesus want us to honor him?” Of course we should respect the authority of our political leaders. But, this isn’t saying that. It means, please be quiet. Don’t say anything negative or disagree with him.

Or, “have you stopped to think about what Jesus would do?” Ah, the ever familiar Jesus card. I’ll get to that one in a minute.

Or, they list a bunch of Bible verses defending their political opinions. Okay. Lemme just say, what the what?? This one is crazy to me. Because, God didn’t intend the Bible to be used as a tool to shame, silence, control, prove a point or instill fear. It’s entire purpose is to bring hope and life – anything apart from that is undoing the very premise it was created for. So, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, PLEASE put the verses away.

But, I hear the argument, It’s what Jesus would do!!

Sweet friends, do you really know what Jesus would do??

Because I don’t.

I cannot even begin to say what I believe God would think or do in all situations. I just am not that smart. He’s a much bigger God than I am human.

However, I tend to think he’d most likely do the very opposite of what people would think he would do.

After all, Jesus had a reputation for that sort of thing.

He did turn over tables. But, not in a brothel, gay bar or abortion clinic. He turned them over inside the church.

He did extend grace and mercy. To the thief, the prostitute, the criminal, the adulterer, the liar and the cheat.  But not so much to the religious leaders who thought they were better than everyone.

He did have harsh words. But not to the vulnerable, the weak, the minority or the outcast. He had harsh words towards the religious ones in power.

He did entrust powerful messages to common people. A good amount were women (just sayin’).

He did focus on “his people” (the Jews). But, quickly extended open arms to foreigners (Gentiles) and offered them equality.

Jesus was ALL about taking whatever institution was in place and turning it completely upside down.

Because, Jesus came to heal hearts.

Not institutions.

Hearts always, always, always held the highest value.

Any group that holds the value of an institution (religion, marriage, government, etc) higher than the value of the people inside it, is not reflecting Jesus.

The gospel of Jesus is one where there’s a seat for everyone at the table.

Especially the social outcasts.

It’s a place where he willingly gives his life for everyone.

Even those who disagree with him.

Right now our country is filled with real people, living real lives, who are genuinely afraid. They hold heart-felt beliefs that are just as real to them as yours are to you.

So, what would Jesus do about those who disagree with the conservative evangelical beliefs?

I like to believe he would walk into their homes, eat dinner, drink wine, laugh with and snuggle their babies. I believe he’d listen to their fears; wrap them up in warm arms and hold them tight.

I believe he’d tell them they were beautiful, wonderful and perfectly designed. And, if they were attacked, I believe he’d tell the stone throwers to take a hard look in the mirror before taking another swing.

Maybe you disagree with that gospel. But, anymore, it’s the only gospel I can claim stake to. 

So, if you are one of the many people in our country feeling alone, picked on and afraid, I see you. I love you. And, no church, government or religious institution speaks for God. Please hear me. He speaks for himself (quite well, I might add). He loves you. He’s crazy about you.

We may be a country that feels divided, but if we can tap into the divine love source that was flowing through Jesus, we might just have a chance at becoming whole again.



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  • JR

    I believe Jesus would be all forgiving of any and all sin. I believe he would also tell them as he often did to “go and sin no more”…….
    I believe if you’re in this country illegally it’s a sin…. “your sins are forgiven , go and sin no more”
    I believe if you support, perform , or have had an abortion it’s a sin…. “your sins are forgiven , go and sin no more”
    I believe if you practice homosexuality or adultry it’s a sin….”your sins are forgiven , go and sin no more”
    Sin is sin….
    Other people’s sin is no less or no greater than the sin in my life.
    The difference is when someone tries to legitimize their sins through public opinion or by trying to pass laws that support their sin under the guise of “Rights”

  • dianegates

    Anna, Yes, Jesus is love. Love is the center of who He is and what He does. But our Lord Jesus is not a one dimensional being. He is all God the Father is. He is also holy, righteous, pure, just, and He is Truth. And within the complexity or multi-dimensional character is where we can find and know Him. The Way, the Truth, and the Life.

    God is not a grandfather who looks at sin and winks. Yes, He is not willing for any to perish. He has spent centuries waiting patiently, mercifully, and lovingly for each one of us to choose His way, His Son Jesus Christ. But not all will choose death to self and life in Him.

    God established the family, the church, and governments…all meant to operate within the bounds of righteousness. But He tells us, “None are righteous, no not one…” Only Jesus. He tells us, “when the righteous rule the people prosper.” That doesn’t mean self-righteous…it means right-doers. Folks who choose to walk in obedience to God’s holy righteousness through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    We are also told to fear (respect) Him. We worship and obey the living God…all of Him…not a one dimensional God. America has lost the fear of God and until each one of us comes to the end of ourselves and a return to the truth of all He is, nothing will change for the better. What God has proclaimed, He will do. “Broad is the road that leads to destruction. But narrow is the way that leads to life.” Only through our kind, loving, merciful, righteous, holy, and pure God–our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Kelly Walker


    While I agree that Jesus loves each and everyone of us. I don’t think that that gives us a free pass to act however we want. I does not give us a free pass to ignore sin in all of it’s facets and just say grace takes care of that. First and foremost grace is only extended to those that trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. If we have not established a relationship with Jesus the the Christ and the Bible is clear our sentence is eternal death. If we have established a relationship with Jesus then we should be changing and it should be obvious that we are renewing our mind and turning from sin in our actions. With each and every person that Jesus extended grace to He also said go and sin no more. So yes we should love each and every person but we do not have to accept the actions of all persons. Jesus said that we should try and help that person out of that sin but if they just won’t do it we should move on to paraphrase that part.
    I have been involved in Prison Ministry for the last 16 years going to Prisons all over the state and some other states as well. I know how to show love and compassion for all while not condoning their actions. Their has got to be a stand made against sin in our live and how we portray what Christ has done in our own lives or in my opinion we stand for nothing.

  • Barbara Bolton

    Thanks, Anna, for putting my thoughts into such eloquent words. We CANNOT legislate morality. Just changing people’s actions through force does not change the heart. Jesus came to change hearts – one by one – and He didn’t ask us to do anything but share our testimony and invite. The right to give grace or to condemn is His and His alone! It’s obvious that I don’t agree with the actions that the Bible condemns as sin, I didn’t see Jesus refusing to eat with the prostitutes and the tax collectors. In fact, I can’t find where He directly addressed the sins in Mary’s or Zaccheus’s lives. He spoke to them of love and acceptance and bid them to follow Him. As you said, the people whose sins were directly addressed were the self-righteous religious leaders who thought they were above it all. It’s impossible to “go and sin no more” until you have a relationship with the one that can help you overcome whatever sins plague your life. And even if we were capable of completely eradicating the sinful actions, we have a heart problem that can never be cured through our own doings – His grace is the ONLY thing that will cover us all. So, I choose to stand with you and show the face of the Heavenly Father that I know and love. Again, thank you for being a voice for love!

  • Nehemiah Project

    As to the WWJD (tired old) question…a friend of mine put it this way. Rather than worrying about what Jesus would do, we should focus on who Jesus would be. When we see Who Jesus is in what He did while here, we can better see Who we are to imitate.

  • Hendy

    Dear Sister in Christ, I always enjoy and am challenged by your messages. I noticed you stated “conservative evangelicals”. I identify and agree with this assessment, but someway, somehow we also have “politically liberal” “evangelicals” too. If you have time, ‘esplain’ that one to me ‘Lucy’. Here are some of Christ’s liberal traits: love, peace, encouragement, honor, faith, boldness, passion, fellowship, hard work, charity and compassion, forgiveness, reverence, relevance, etc. He applied these things liberally in a world that sorely needs so much more of it. However, both sides of our political establishments seem to leave these things off of their platforms and debates. Also, I’m afraid the term conservative is much maligned and also much improperly practiced. Here are some definitions of conservative to me (hoping that I find this in the Bible, but I’m not going to quote): spend only what you need for yourself and save for the needs of others, save for a rainy day, do not hoard money or possessions, do not place any excessive burdens upon anyone (this is especially personal between people, but definitely applies from Government to people), conserve your environment (this also applies to ensuring that industry faithfully conserves both profits and the world in which their profits are provided), and in general leaving less of a negative footprint and leaving more of a positive footprint (as they have always said in scouting, “leave a place better than you find it”). I could go on with many more examples of true conservatism, but I hope everyone gets the gist of my thoughts. Simply put, our world would be a much better place if we all followed the true examples of proper behavior and treatment laid out in the Bible rather than verbally (or electronically) stoning one another constantly. Thanks again for your insights and keep up the good work of faith.

  • perfectlyimpefect

    I have massive goose bumps and am crying after reading this. (That’s my bodies reaction when something completely resonates with me.) You knocked this one out of the park sister. I struggle with so much of religion because I love Jesus so much. I feel like “man” has destroyed what Jesus set out to do. There are some churches that are doing amazing things in the name of Christ but many others who use His name to condemn and promote their own ego agendas. It makes me so sad. Words can’t express how grateful I am for your blogs. I have felt so alone in my beliefs because I believe so differently than most. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Anna McCarthy

      Hello there lovely! I totally get you sister. You’re not alone!! There are lots more out there who think just like you. Happy you are here. And super honored to be an extended part of your community of like-minded thinkers. Love and hugs!!

  • Keith

    Anna, terrific post. While I did not vote for our President, he is indeed that, so I believe we should give him a chance. I am hopeful he will do some good things as our fortunes are tied to his success.

    With that said, early indications are not promising as his Presidency has mixed in equal parts chaos, incompetence and lying. Even during his nicer toned speech this week, he said eight or so large misstatements. It frustrates me that a prepared speech could include that many untruths, no matter how nicely it was delivered.

    I don’t mind people being more conservative or liberal than me (I am fiscally conservative and socially progressive), but we need to govern off real data and not campaign rhetoric. I hope the more positive tone continues and I do like some of the cabinet picks he has made (Mattis, Kelly, Tillerson and McMaster), but they should not have to work so hard apologizing for our President, openly disagreeing with him and assuaging allies like they have been doing along with VP Mike Pence.

    To me, I hope he sets Twitter aside, as our issues are too complex to communicate and govern that way. I do hope he commits to being a purveyor of truths and not using it as a commodity, which has been his history per his five biographers. I do hope he changes his tone toward people that do not look like him. Our country is too great to be unwelcoming to others.

    I recognize what I wrote is more political than you had hoped. I am an Independent voter, who has been both a Republican and Democrat. Neither party has a license to all of the good ideas and both parties have some bad ones. It is incumbent that we collaborate with real data to solve real problems. Keith

    • Anna McCarthy

      Hi Keith! As always, I appreciate the depth of thought in your commentary. Great insight and keen words. And thank you for sharing your political position; much respect. As always thank you for sharing your brilliant mind with us.

      • Keith

        Anna, many thanks. You are way too generous with the compliment, as sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind. I enjoy your practical and heartfelt take on living a a well-grounded life. Keith

  • Lori

    I am fairly certain that Jesus would have no interest in politics whatsoever, since he stayed out of it back in his day here… it’s tempting to get caught up in taking sides, but almost always, nothing good comes of it- are your Facebook friendships strengthened or strained by sharing political jabs and posts? (I ask myself– and the answer is always No!) You eloquently say the truth– the gospel of Jesus is about hearts, love, chasing away fear, and giving hope. Politics has no place in church, in the Bible, or ultimately, in heaven. I cannot wait for that day….

  • denizenoftheswamp

    Hi Anna. I’m an atheist. No not a Satan worshiper. Just not a believer. However, I have always supported the right to religion and free speech. I believe in our constitution and the Bill of Rights. But, these two rights are at stake today. If it’s Muslems and the Press today, who is next? Thank you for your thoughts.

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